Truly Disappointing

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was planning an actual post, which will have to be posted later, as I see that it's 10 minutes to 2 and I'm supposed to be at Cathy's two-ish. I have a stop at the drugstore for more drugs first. I'll be late. C is used to that.

Thoughts? I don't need more TV to watch, I just need it spread out more.

I hate sewing my knitting and therefore am not done with my 'lympics project. Yet. Sigh. I did screw it up big on Friday night, but have undone the damage since. Bah.

The Constant Gardener: Ralph Fiennes is still hot. Movie? Dull. Much like the book was. I'm over John LeCarre and it only took a few weeks.


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