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Friday, February 10, 2006

Groucho Marx? Thank You, But No...

first of all, welcome back pinky-poo, youve been missed. and yes youre hot. one of the few black guys i find hot. and please, its not a race thing. just a taste thing.

as for anger, im a total angerball half the time. but unlike pinky i usually get it out verbally with a bunch of fucks and motherfuckers and goddammits. not that i havent wanted to beat something, only with my baton or a baseball bat, not my fists. i had a hard enough time with a broken ankle let alone a broken hand. not good times.

and yes, meeting people is bizarre. whats even more bizarre is who stays in your life and who doesnt. seems even more randon and weird. like crop circles, not explainable really. its like that movie sliding doors. one little thing different and everythings different. very scary if you think about it. how close i was to not having kt as a friend or how dating one guy was a near miss i coulda afforded to actually miss. lol!

as for sex. sex is cool. though ive forgotten in what ways. my thing is intimacy. i want intimacy not necessarily cock in pussy action. and yes, women talk about everything. we're just more social beings i think. i could never seriously date a guy who couldnt deal with me giving kt a blow by blow so to speak of our lives or sex lives. thats just how it is. men internalize things, women talk about them. some women apparently write about them on the internet. lol!

and yes i ask people about anything and everything. and you know what, most of the time they answer my questions and i get so much interesting info from them. youll never know unless you ask. and im just an inquisitive person. i like hearing about people and their experiences. gives me more fodder for that book im gonna write one of these days. i mean, isnt it the whole writers thing to observe humanity and absorb the bizarre and unusual and even the mundane to use as fodder one day? though yes, admittedly, observation should not take the place of participation.

ok, i need to ask some advice. i went to a call today that was called in by a female officer with another area police dept. a woman came to her part-time job and needed help. what had occurred did so in my jurisdiction so i had to handle the situation. after i go the info i needed from this victim chick i was chatting with this other officer. she asked me kinda out of the blue, as is typical in these situations, whether my brows were drawn on or tattooed. i said drawn. she started telling me about her brows which are tattooed.

now, for those of you not in the know, i pretty much have tweezed my brows into oblivion. and as i havent really discussed before, because its a sore spot with me, i tweeze because its a stress relief thing for me. thats kinda the m.o. of trichotillomania aka hair pulling. when i get really stressed about something the brows almost totally disappear. lately ive been growing them back but lets face it, ha ha, they arent ever going to be normal, ever. so i have to draw them back on. its the thing that takes the longest in my daily routine because i have to make them perfect. and of course i always have to worry about whether they will rub off in certain situations, etc. lets just say, i fucking hate having no brows.

now i had thought about the whole tattooed brows thing before but i had only ever seen bad examples of it. well this chick officer's brows were great. they didnt look fake and clown-like at all. they looked good. shes gonna give me the info about who did them and everything. apparently this chick is licensed and a professional and stuff and will work with you for hours to pick the right shape and all that so that you dont look retarded.

so, im thinking of doing it. to be able to wake up and not have to paint my brows on would totally rock. it would free me in a way. i would be able to do some things i dont do now because i dont want to have my brows wiped or washed off. it would relieve me of that stress i feel when i deal with my brows.

however, tattoos are permanent. and i have that fear, which i think is ok, that they will end up looking shitty...forever. and that would suck. ive seen all those oprah episodes and dateline exposes of fucked up cosmetic procedures. i do not want to be on oprah or dateline because i look like groucho marx.

so, im gonna look into it and see what the deal is. if this chick is licensed and she does it in a plastic surgeons office who is also licensed and the stuff shes done looks good and she works with me to find the right thing for my brows and we get the right color, why not do it? if i would feel better about myself, why not?

but i just wanted to get opinions and reactions. so, what do you think? man, im all angsty now. i wanna do it for all the good reasons but im worried. jump or not? ugh!


  • I'd say definitely look into it, but also find out what you'd need to do to fix it if you totally hate it. And go on the light side, if you do it. You can always add some color, but it's hard to take it away.

    By Blogger kT, at 9:48 AM  

  • Oh, and do you tell guys that we discuss this stuff? I let them assume what they want, but I don't spell it out.

    By Blogger kT, at 9:50 AM  

  • I don't think men mind women talking about sex at all, we'd rather you did than didn't, I'm just saying there's a limit when there's someone around who isn't normally part of the inner circle.

    As for the eyebrows, tough call. Sure seems like it would make your daily routine a whole lot easier... do the research and take your time with the decision. I don't know that most men would notice that particular detail of someone's face, at least not at the start... for the record, I had no idea when I saw you some time ago...

    ...AND STOP MAKING ME BLUSH BOTH OF YOU! Us GT guys aren't used to being referred to as "hot". Well, this one isn't, anyway :)

    By Blogger Pinky, at 11:08 AM  

  • yeah it usually comes up that i tell my friends everything.

    and yeah im gonna be careful and look into stuff and be sure. and yeah its funny how some people notice it and some dont. usually chicks notice it and guys dont.

    and hey, we're all hot here arent we? come on, its not just pinky! lol!

    btw, i went to the elexa (and it is E) website and its actually really cool. they have special elexa condoms that are made for womens pleasure. they also have vibrating rings you can buy though not in georgia. lol! not much about the wipes though they are allegedly gynecologist tested or whatever. they also have a bunch of sex tips and discussions. i think it would behoove guys to read some of it because it gives a good perspective on women and sex and how they work.

    By Blogger Susan, at 2:40 PM  

  • Interesting. Probably not a website I should check out at work, though...

    By Blogger kT, at 2:54 PM  

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