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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Girl, I'll House You

To house, or not to house, that is the question. I got lucky. Bought on a whim for no particular reason other than I figured I should invest in something. Sold mine for about 150% of purchase price after three years. Now I've bought a much bigger house that comes with a much bigger price tag. The idea is to get married and raise a family there, so I wasn't so much concerned with immediate rise in value. Anyway, my point is you never know. You could buy a house and not really get much out of it, and there are plenty of maintenance costs that YOU have to pay for versus an apartment. If you do decide to get a house, consider getting a condo/townhome if you don't want to deal with the lawn, which I'm realizing can be a complete task within itself. But you could buy a place that shoots up in value, like my old townhome, and then not only do you have a place to live, you've managed to make some money, too! But you should be PREPARED to make this jump, there will be many things associated with buying a house that you will need to be on top of. My advice is to find a good realtor to work with, unless you understand property law and all sorts of other gibberish no one is going to bother to explain to you.


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