Truly Disappointing

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dave The Vet Tech Guy

ok, i just spoke with dave the vet tech guy on the phone. im worried. he sounded like one of those nerdy i enunciate very well type guys. you know the kind. the slightly nasally sounding nerdy guy. geez. i seriously dont need that kind of action yo. though turns out i may be heading back down to east atlanta for our date. theres bingo trivia or something at the gravity bar. wow, im getting the quick tour of east atlanta this month arent i?

i hate having reservations before a date. his emails have always been ok, but the nerdy talk was just slightly offputting. shit me. though he sounds educated and stuff. i just dont need the nerd. ugh. a girl just cant win these days. but then again maybe he'll be ok. those nerdy types tend to be very nice guys who treat women well. i could use some boy tlc. and if he sees me as being a step above him in ranking that could be to my advantage. ok, im totally overthinking it all now. no need for strategy. ive made it through shitty dates before. and hey at least ill be drinking and playing bingo or something.

oh how the hopes go up and fall right back down. gotta love it yo.

but hey i guess its cool that ive been hitting the dating thing fairly steadily around here. as the subdudes said, "you cant strike out unless you swing." how true 'dudes, how true. with the more dates i go on the odds have to get better that i will find somebody groovy. right???

just got messaged by the marine twin boy. he then called me. he sounds very young and southern. hes going out to play poker. why is it that everybody i meet has a hangout bar or goes to play poker or whatever? everybody apparently has this rich social nightlife that i cant even fathom having. i am such a loser. but alas i will go out with him this weekend and will see how it goes. put this grade A beef out on display for an evening. gotta love the meat market yo.

dammit, pizza, you need to arrive here now! im so hungry man seriously.....


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