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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dave The Vet Guy Date Critique

ok heres the post dave the vet tech guy date critique.....

i didnt know what to expect in the looks dept considering the pic on his profile is him in a hat so a lot is covered up. when he walked up to me i was happily surprised. hes cute in an odd way. i cant describe it. kinda like kt's ex was cute in an odd boy way. ok, to me at least. but i digress. hes got short curly hair and i believe blue eyes. it was dark, the eyes were light. and hes got those cute crinkly wrinkles on the sides of his eyes. he is 37 after all. i find it attractive, go fig. and at times i found myself thinking, wow id like to put my hands in his hair and wow id like to kiss him. i figure thats a fairly good sign.

and hes funny. yeah he has an odd way of talking. its a weird mannerism kinda thing, but hes friggin funny. i think i laughed most of the night. and he could tease and play along well. as could happen only on a susan date, we somehow got onto talking about anal sex. yeah, very weird. and it became this like recurring joke. oh that and the fact that he fucked a deaf girl whom he didnt realize was deaf until she started making deaf girl sex sounds. In The Company Of Men anyone, anyone? lol! long story. when a guy can smile and laugh when i teasingly call him a "deaf girl fucker" you know hes got a sense of humor. i know, i know, if my dates were ever videotaped and aired on tv.....

so we went to this kinda dive bar in the cool people with funky glasses part of town aka east atlanta and played bingo. ok, we kinda played bingo for a while, but as the night went on there was less concentration on the bingo part. another good sign. we ended up staying until about 1am. 5 hours, not bad. at the end there was no weird hug situation or anything. im not sure if thats good or bad. but, good sign i guess, he scheduled the next date. we're going out again sunday sometime and doing something i dont even know. hey, a schedule the next date on the first date is good right?

so yeah, i actually had a good time. where things are i dont know, but thats ok. we shall see how the next date goes. im thinking there should be a kiss move made on his part right? i mean, for a really good sign, right? whatever. so yeah, good times.

and i have had a couple more guys contact me so im keeping the juggling meat market going for right now. i may be going out with the marine twin or frenchy this weekend too. havent heard back from either as of yet. we shall see. i think im more interested in frenchy because he actually talked to me unlike marine boy who hasnt really made that effort yet. plus, dudes french yo. thats kinda hot.

but anyways, i of course will keep yall updated. yeah for me. lol!


  • Scheduling of the next date before the first one ends is, in my girly opinion, a very good sign. And he sounds cool.

    By Blogger kT, at 10:30 AM  

  • Sounds like you guys had a good time. I like it when 5 hours goes by quickly and comfortably. And my girly opinion also believes that setting up a second date is a very good sign.

    So there, Army boy.

    By Blogger Cooth, at 12:46 PM  

  • Any date that goes past midnight is a good one, in most cases. You may assume for the sake of argument that he is attracted enough to you to put the moves on you here soon.

    By Blogger Pinky, at 2:37 PM  

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