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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Characters versus Bombs

Character development is key, for many women. I think we want to know and care about the characters.

Derek (the cheater) does NOT get a free pass in my book and frankly, though I understand Meredith (the protagonist) still being in love with him, to a degree, the story line needs to Move On. The dude is a ball-less, spine-less ass. He not only slept with and pursued Meredith, but after she found out he was married, he wooed her back and led her to believe that he was leaving his cheating wife. Mr and Mrs McDreamy DESERVE each other.

I can relate to the other characters. Christina (Sandra Oh) is conflicted. She wants to be in the relationship she's in with Burke but does not want to be sidetracked from her dreams of being a top-notch surgeon. Burke can relate, but he's secure in his career and she's just starting out. The relationship? Could get in her way if she can't find the balance. I have little balance (physically) and worry about my balance in other areas of my life. Like most humans who have their basic needs secured, I gravitate towards the pleasure zones in my life. This can easily lead to lack of balance.

Izzy? Likes the bad boy. The asshole with the push-and-pull relationship mentality. She is conflicted because her outward, I-worked-my-way-through-med-school-as-a-model belies her inner reality: that she's an intelligent, hard-working surgeon who grew up in a trailer park and gave a child up for adoption when she was very young. Because she wanted more for herself and her offspring. The inner/outer dichotomy? Is another thing that I struggle with. Funny, for those of you who know me, but people where I work see me as perky and cheerful. They see bits of the smartass, but the stubborn, sarcastic, conflicted person who hates people most days? I keep her inside.

Alex, the asshole, is scared that he doesn't have what it takes. As a surgeon or as a boyfriend/lover. So he rejects the friendship and camaraderie of the others on his "team" and is prickly so they don't come too close: human cactus. He wants Izzy but rejects her, too. Maybe he likes her too much, can relate to her and open up to her too easily, and so he pushes her away, too, out of fear. I can relate to him, too.

So, I guess I'm saying that I, personally, watch and like the show because I can relate to the characters and some of their dilemmas -- though not having my hand on a bomb or sleeping with an asshole of a married man. Though, really, those are both Meredith story lines and I don't relate to her. In fact, even in my not-eating state, I want to feed her a cheeseburger. With onion rings and fries with gravy -- mostly because the gravy is lard-based, not because fries with gravy is a good thing. Her collarbone is an orange-alert on the Fug Terror scale.

Honestly? I had no idea I had so much to say about this show! But I'm glad your SO has good taste in TV, Pinky.


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