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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cant Escape the Hooters

so i just got back from my part-time job at hooters. it pains me every time i have to go out over the radio and tell everyone im working at hooters. but hey, the moneys good and i basically hang out watching tv and eating all night long. not a bad deal yo. the managers really cool and goofy although the girls are quite dim. i dont think some of them like me much. seems like im acquiring a following among some of the male patrons. very bizarre. then again im the only female cop who works the job and im also the only female cop many people ever actually meet. and one of the few who doesnt have that lez vibe. but i digress.

so yeah this dude came over and was totally hitting on me. seemed fairly nice but was one of the baseball cap type boys. you know the kind. plus, he was in a hooters so what does that say? we chatted for a while. passed the time. and of course he passed the digits. i dunno if i should call him or not. not sure if i should pass up an opportunity even if it came in a hooters. advice???

and then this other guy came up and chatted until they closed. funny guy, very energetic and goofy, though not my type. im not sure if hes just chatty or if hes playin the slow hand. he said he wanted to come back in when i was working to talk to me again, though no number was passed. hes not really my type physically so no biggie. he did ask for a business card and maybe he was hopin id write my personal number on it. i made sure to let him know it was my business number. but yet again passed the time.

so yeah, i dunno why i feel so weird about being hit on. i mean it doesnt really happen that much other than with drunk mexicans. im just not one of those girls whos like hell yeah im hot totally hit on me. i guess i just dont have much practice with it and thats why im awkward. plus the whole situation is kinda weird ya know. it just seems weird to be like yeah ill take your number, but its also weird to be like no i dont want your number. i dunno, maybe its cause it was in a hooters. we keep comin back to hooters.

i have a serious problem with hooters despite the fact i "work" there. ok, i actually have more of a problem with hooters girls. seriously girls, go work a pole someplace, youd make a shitload more money. and lets stop pretending you have any respectability ok. you let guys paw you and ogle you all night long for shit money. and they all are serious re-tah-ded. talk about vapid. i laugh when the manager, jimmy, tells me that the girls drive him fuckin bonkers. i can see why. id rather work with horny dudes than these girls.

so yeah, we shall see how much of a following i build at hooters. i find it totally amusing. and i hate to admit it but ive had a pretty decent time working there. shootin the shit and watchin the olympics for $30 an hour. not bad yo.

oh vagina update, the monistat worked. yeah! happy smiling cunt! not that yall really wanted to know...


  • As I've said in the past: There is nothing inherently shameful in being a stripper and it's a damn sight more honest than being a Hooter's waitress. And it pays better. Not that, with my rack, I'd know.

    By Blogger kT, at 11:17 AM  

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