Truly Disappointing

Sunday, February 12, 2006


well, sunday came and went. went to target and got some toilet paper, boneless buffalo wings, and monistat. the cunt funk has reared its ugly head again. is it considered a fungus because the package says anti-fungal. thats just nasty yo. hopefully my cunt will be back to "normal" soon. and im sure youre all glad of that.

as for dave the vet tech guy, no word. houdinied again i guess. talk about underscoring a recurring theme in my life. now its just getting comedic. if ya cant laugh about this shit youd just cry.

as for v day, huh, hardly v really. and im referring to like vj day etc aka victory day. i havent really had a v day man. frankly i doubt im missing much. every day should be v day with the one you love shouldnt it? as for kt, the going theory now about her anti-v day stance is because it involves a large amount of overt emotionalism and emotional honesty. those are hard things especially for a gal who doesnt particularly like those things. or doesnt seem to anyways. who knows. we all have our fucking problems. some are just a little more colorful than others.

its funny how things are fucked up in our lives. kt needs space in relationships but always meets men who want closeness. i need closeness in my relationships but i always meet men who disappear. i swear i could start a vegas illusionist show with all these houdinis. why is it this way? is it meant to teach us to become a little of what keeps poking at us? kt more emotionally close and me more emotionally distant? well, i gotta say, im on the fast track to that one.

its funny, i was talking to a buddy at work about past family experiences and dating and such. he was there the night i cracked and started crying at work after garrett called and dumped me. hes a nice guy my buddy. he hooks me up with part-time jobs. he told me that if he wasnt married and was younger and skinnier hed ask me out in a heartbeat. he said i was a good person and funny and really smart and gorgeous. huh, funny. im always befuddled when people i know tell me things like this.

oh, turns out frenchy, pascal, has the hots. hes emailed asking me out again. ugh, pascal, im sorry. part of me wonders if i should go out with him again because im missing something i should be seeing or feeling or if i should just cut bait because the gut wasnt there. im thinking cut bait. sorry mon petit pascal. he has a nice car though. vrooom.

and ive decided to get my brows done. ill be careful though, but im excited. one step closer to susans "perfection." its like im a this old house and im also bob villa. huh, go fig.



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