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Thursday, February 02, 2006

And Of Course.....The Post-Whiskey-Finger Phone Call

oh yes at the ass cack of dawn (for me at least) which is approx 9:30 am i received the post-whiskey-finger phone call. how funny. garrett apologized for calling me while he was drunk. he said he was embarrased. thats a nice gesture. though i said that as long as he wasnt lying to me he need not apologize. please totally dont apologize to me for being more open even if its in an intoxicated state. so he asked me to rehash the call and i did and he reiterated he was embarrassed and i just laughed.

turns out he really is excited about meeting me and very keen on "making out." fucking hilarious, seriously. i guess it was one of those you had to be there kinda moments. so i made sure to ask again about saturday and the weekend is tentative. i made it clear he needs to just let me know if there need to be scheduling tweaks. im flexible, not a doormat. dont even say it kt. I KNOW!!!

ok, im gonna try to get back to sleep now. yeah right. all sorts of naughty thoughts floating through my head. thats the kiss of death for sleep. but hey, props for the apology phone call.....and in a timely manner. lol! anyways, sleep sleep sleep, need serious sleep.....


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