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Thursday, February 02, 2006

5 Pink Phobias

I guess my e-mails are getting boring, because Kt has sent me to blog. And since I am beyond boring today, she gave me things to blog about.

5 boxes. Supposedly, the boy is moving out tomorrow. As of last night, he had 5 boxes packed. A floor full of dirty clothes. A chair with a few clean clothes and a bunch of hangers. An overflowing garbage can. A box with 6 donuts in it. A bowl with some Chunky Bean and Ham soup in it. And all other kinds of crap all over the floor. Maybe he is just gonna rent a bobcat and scoop it all out. Me, I'm spending the weekend with a doctor and a bald guy. The rug doctor and Mr. Clean.

The Pink Sweater. I have a pink sweater. I love my pink sweater. It is a pale pink and has a hood. It's very comfy. I love it. Okay - really, it does nothing for me. In fact, it probably does less than nothing, because it makes my already flat chest look flatter. But still, I love it and it is comfy. Kt has issues with my sweater.

Knitting Phobias. I'm debating joining the Knitting Olympics. The rules are quite simple. Make something that you find challenging. Cast on during the opening ceremonies of the real olympics and finish the project before the flame is extinguished. 16 days. Something challenging. Panic is already setting in and I haven't even decided whether or not I'm doin' it. My biggest challenge with knitting (and many other things) is just finishing. Something new and only 16 days. I just don't know. I really do enjoy life inside my comfort zone.

Okay - now I can write about other stuff.

In honor of the Dear Jenni letter:

I had a lunch "date" yesterday. Went to lunch with Kt's ex-boyfriend. In spite of the fact that he hurt her, and I really do hate him for that, he and I do get along well and we have remained friends. Yesterday was the first time since the break up that we have really talked to each other outside of e-mail and the office. He and I are about the same age. He is 729 days younger than me. I wasn't allowed to mention Kt, but still did a couple of times. And he brought her up once. It was a nice lunch, it was fun to visit with him and get caught up. And it is always good to have a friend of the opposite sex that you have no desire to get involved with romantically.

I stalked Susan today and found her profile on a dating website. I understand why the military boys are attracted. If you are looking for accountants and professors, take out the 20 pounds of leather whoop-ass comment. Accountants and professors who are into that kind of stuff are on a different site completely..... ha!

Happy Groundhog Day. God Damn groundhog saw his fucking shadow. I think someone should turn him into roadkill.

Norwegian Movies. Kt and I watched a Norwegian movie on Monday night. Elling. It was very good and now we both have an over-whelming desire to learn how to say "with naked chicks" in Norwegian. Anybody that can help us out???


  • And "fuck." Don't forget fuck. We want to learn how to say fuck in Norwegian, too.

    By Blogger kT, at 3:54 PM  

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