Truly Disappointing

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

yo soy brain-muerte.

Grand Forks. Is far. Is flat. Is dull and boring in Dodge state car.

Drove. Early. 4 hours +. Happy buildings still standing, not wet anymore. Lofts. Very cool, river views.


late meeting.

Stupid freaking senators with big fucking heads on C-SPAN. The hearings? ARE NOT ABOUT YOU. THEY'RE ABOUT THAT GUY OVER THERE,SAM. ASK HIM QUESTIONS. How difficult is that?

Freaking Thai food, man. In Moorhead. How fucking awesome rockingly fucking cool? PAD. FREAKING. THAI.

The next day? I-94 is still flat.

Tonight is LOST. Social experimentation is good entertainment.

Maybe brain will work in sentences tomorrow.

Perfesser out.


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