Truly Disappointing

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wingchick #2 Reporting

Here's my thought, since you asked:

Have him get a hotel room for Saturday night. It gives you both some space. If it doesn't work out, he can head off on Sunday, no embarrassment incurred by sleeping over, etc. If it does work out, and yet you don't want to have a spend the night on Sunday, he can stay back at the hotel.

Or, you can use the hotel to have hot monkey sex, loudly.

You're right that this can't really be a coffee meet. 4 hours and then coffee? Eh. Do dinner. It's enough, if it doesn't work out, and not too much.

Don't have him over to the apartment until after dinner and only then if you still want to. I know you can watch your own 6 for the most part, but if dood turns out to be a psycho or is just an ass, you don't need him in your space.

Figure out the logistics. WITH him. It's his meet, too.
Leave the rest of it. Can't plan a meet, can't plan the chemistry, so just go zen on its ass.

Wingchick 2, out.


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