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Friday, January 27, 2006

Using the government to control your low blood pressure.

Subtitle : Medicare Part D.

But first things first...

Brokeback Mountain.
I knew it was going to be a slow movie overall. Very good substance to the movie. Very real depictions of the life and times, I suppose. That first encounter between Jake Jawarhalal and Heath Ledger was quite different from anything that I expected. The Fab Five probably badged this as a horror movie based upon fashion and a severe lack of interior decorating on Heath's part. I thought it was a strong movie in portraying the need they both felt for being closet homosexuals based upon social stigmas, it just felt a bit weak when it came to the overall relationship. Heath and Jake just didn't have a consistent chemistry. Sometimes it was brilliant, other times awkward at best. Contrast that to say, Six Feet Under's David and Keith. Maybe it was the inconsistency in the male and female roles they alternated playing that was doing that to me? Each one seemed to be fragile at different times and in different ways. Jake was more needy, but Heath seemed much more motherly with regards to his kids for the most part. I'll use that as my primary example. Overall, good movie, but too slow to see again. Course, it was fun seeing Michelle William's boobs. Is there anyone left who hasn't gone topless on the big screen from Dawson's Creek?

Cunt Funk = hilarious. But I'll see your yeast infection and raise you uncontrollable testosterone, back hair, and full-time sack-itch. Not the jock itch kind (which would complement your yeast infection perhaps), but the standard random need to scratch your scrote at potentially inopportune times that all men seem to have. In fact, I'll throw in premature ejaculation, that whole need to pass out post-orgasm, and penis-size anxiety. I think I'm all in, here. I call.

But honestly, I'm sorry to hear you that you have a yeast infection. However, until the day that I have multiple orgasms from my multiple erogenous zones, your vagina is "king".

Chocolate Cake
Interesting. I mean, granted, your son is a jerk for not picking up after himself. But I wonder if you don't want to pick it up because its some kind of symbol of how ready (or not ready) he is to be on his own? Maybe a bit of empty nest syndrome?

With regards to weight loss, I'm all happy to talk about that. I've been overweight my entire life (and in the alcoholic sense of fatso, always will be). If I'm socially dysfunctional in any way, I would attribute it to weight. But I have identified my weight problem as the result of extremely poor discipline. Smaller portion sizes (not dietary component changes) and an exercise regimen are what I have prescribed myself. All the pieces are in place for my master plan, just have to execute. I'll update if/when results are obtained.

Capitalized...for emphasis. I liked that post. Very neat. But, um, for some reason I can't find much else to comment on. Sry. Digits exchanged, grats. Use of USGS topographical maps provides me with a nice segue, too....

Maybe I should have titled this post - am I a Socialist?

I don't understand Medicare Part D. I have spent no less than 6 hours on the phone learning to understand "the gap" in Part D. Part D, of course, is to cover the gap not covered by Part C, which must be too busy covering "the gap" that part B didn't cover because it could only cover "the gap" in Part A.



I could ask a lot of questions, but the primary one I have is this. How is it that by ADDING a middle man to prescription drugs, I save money? Why the hell do things not simply cost WHAT THEY COST? Its not like I will be getting my mother's drugs at some different pharmacy, they will just cost less, mysteriously.

So how does one find compassion for corporations with such obvious price fixing at hand? I mean, I include the RIAA and MPAA in this, too. Suddenly, I'm back to comparing pirates to Robin Hood.

And then there's the government (Sheriff of Nottingham?). The morons who brought you the "do-nut hole" in Part D the first place. That's right, its a federally mandated GAP in your GAP coverage. I guess "golden years" is supposed to mean golden for pharmaceutical and now the insurance industry, not Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation". And since this practically forces people into using generic drugs to avoid the gap, isn't it "anti-capitalistic"? And where the fuck are the brand name drug manufacturer's lobbyists, asleep?

I know the vast majority of you red-state, middle-American white folk just turned Republican because you think the democrats will give all your tax money to blacks and immigrants as welfare, but goddamnit, how bad does it have to get before you smell the shit they are shoveling you?

ps - Don't think this means I am siding with Democrats, you assholes are just as guilty for having no one better than Tom Kerry to push as a leader, FFS.



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