Truly Disappointing

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Running in Circles with Scissors

Men. Women. Sex. Relationships.

Truly. None of us can move past this.

Either I am:
–in a Relationship
–not in a Relationship
–wishing I had prospects for a Relationship
–happy I am not in a Relationship
–wishing I were not in a Relationship
–contemplating both the meaning and the value of Relationships
–talking about Relationships
–blogging about Relationships

This is SO. NOT. ZEN. WTF?

The tao is the “way.” If you follow the Tao, you do not judge, you deal. If you fight the Tao, you are like a salmon wishing to spawn and you have a long, hard swim ahead of you. I try to actively not fight the Tao. I am busy fighting other losing battles instead. But the whole Relationship thing? Is fighting the Tao.

For further Socratic clarification, in the etymological world that Susan and I created in college (in the days when I slept with a dictionary within arm’s reach at all times), Capitalizing a Word makes it More Important. Kind of like A.A. Milne did in the Winnie-the-Pooh books. It’s not like German, wherein all Nouns are Capitalized. How about An Example?

“cooking” is throwing a frozen dinner into the microwave, putting takeout on plates (why would you do this again?), or making mac n’ cheese from the box.

“Cooking” is following a recipe that doesn’t involve boxed foods (not including something like rice, which is an Ingredient, but including something like instant mashed potatoes which are a travesty and tragedy beyond words or explanations and such things should not be discussed herein on a public website where people may read the HORROR.)_

A “relationship” is what Susan and I have, what Cathy and I have. I only blog with Daniel, so I can’t even really claim a “relationship”with him. We are bloggers together.

A “Relationship” is something that, far as I know, none of us is currently involved in. It involves “Romantic” feelings. And probably sex. The line between “r” and “R” is less clearly defined here. A good Relationship should be based on a relationship/friendship, but probably eventually involves exclusivity (things you share with that person and no other) and sex. But a Relationship isn’t to be defined solely by sex. The Romantics want it to be something more. I don’t count myself a Romantic, but I want it to be something more, too. And it is, somehow, but indefinable.

The ironic thing is that the je ne sais quoi that sets a Relationship apart from a relationship is the same thing that kills it. It must be. Is it just me, or are there many things that are heinous crimes in a Relationship that you let slide regularly in a relationship? That indefinable difference is a boon and an issue.

Cosmic. Freaking. Joke.


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