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Monday, January 16, 2006

More on Polygamy and General Responses

Let's see, polygamy. You could say monogamy was based upon economics or harmony, but in reality, we all know men love one-ups-manship and comparing, so if given the choice to provide another means for comparing, wouldn't polygamy win? And the men who comprised the church (or at least its guidance) at the time of these rituals conceptions, I'm sure had no issues with income. I mean the church is responsible for more needless slaughter than Ronald MacDonald (whom I love very much), so what's a little polygamy, even in the face of Adam and Eve?

North Dakota and growing up...
I think growing up is more about settling (que Death Cab for Cutie). You slowly become more patient and as you become another cog in the system you see less and less reason to thrash against it. Don't rock the boat when you're in it; I guess we all eventually get tired of swimming alongside the ship and climb aboard. This is not to say you don't know there are holes in the hull (or roof : ozone layer) but there's no point in fixing that until its so bad that the ship is officially sinking.

Perhaps its because we become more economically tied down and self-focused. I mean, as you grow older, you acquire more debts, but also more possession. I spend a LOT more time wondering how I'm going to afford another computer or new furniture than I do the state of freedom in Iraq, or even the fascist speed-trapping that goes on in my area by the local sheriff's office. And then you find yourself a parent (not myself currently) and that takes precedence over most everything else for at least 18 years.

I dunno, just brainstorming. I do think growing up = settling. Although the plots may differ, the character developments seem homogeneous.

At this point in my life (2 months from 30), I think I would be extremely happy to find a place to settle down, make some good friends, and just start churning out the happy memories, so if North Dakota has done that for you, Cathy, I think that's fantastic, boring or not.

Cowboy love...
I think its fun that there are women out there who are as excited by the idea of men-men sex as many men are of women-women sex. Personally, I don't find men attractive at all. I watched an episode of "Queer as Folk" finally. Quite entertaining. I admire the fact that they have this community they are a part of. But everytime a couple of guys started making out, I was a bit put off. Although the orgy scenes were fascinating, just because I'd never thought that would be part of a TV show (I do think the lesbian community was very sorely under-represented, I saw 0 lesbian orgies). Kind of made me chuckle when I saw them all in the gym because I started thinking...hmm, is the beer belly a sign of modern male heterosexuality?

And then there was the army...
Glad you have a new army boy, Susan. However, I've changed my mind about the military recently. It occurs to me that, while war is the ultimate failure of a government, war is the responsibility of those that wield the guns. There's no shucking that, either. You pull the trigger, you commit the sin. If there is a hell, Charles Manson will only burn in it for himself, not for his minions. So, I'm not terribly excited to see all the "Support our Troops" magnets as I used to be, or to have 2 cousins in the service.

That said, I love simulated war games...and sniping. And the military has great toys, particularly the Abrams A1 tank (ooh, shiver).

On the other hand, I love meat, but couldn't bring myself to kill an animal unless I was in extremely dire circumstances, so I rely on others to do that for me. I'm not sure why I don't equate meat with murder, I'll have to think on that. So, coming full circle, I'm not a pacifist, nor an anti-military activist, but if you're going to kill 17 people, I expect you to have damn solid reasons for doing so...and financial gain is certainly not acceptable, is it?

24 blue, hut, hut, F***!
And I would like to offically say F***! with regards to the Colts losing Sunday. I'm not sure who the hell to root for now. I guess I'll go with Seattle (Roll Tide, Shaun Alexander, Roll Tide).


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