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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little Fluffy Bunnies in the Valley

ok, i admit, i am so lame. my happiness or sadness apparently hinges on a fucking phone call. how lame is that? i am being that girl again, no that other girl. yes, you know her well. im the "oh my god he called me" girl right now. yes, feel free to strangle me...repeatedly.

yes, army boy, now to be referred to as garrett (so as to avoid confusion with sniper army guy), called me tonight. twice. oh yes. twice. i was sitting on the couch watching 24 and flipping over to the golden globes when he called. i was making absurd happy noises when sandra o won a golden globe (you go grrrrl!) that i didnt hear the phone until it was too late to answer it. i checked the area code and saw it was savannah and i freaked out. i thought i had missed him and i figured what luck. so i listened to his message and called him back right then. and he answered and he knew who it was. and all the fluffy bunnies in the valley were happy.

the initial chat was kinda awkward as most initial chats are. and the phone line connection kinda blew. plus hes one of those more quiet talkers. but we talked for about an hour. we discussed his plans for another tattoo (hot!!) and what he does on base and what special ops stuff he wants to do and other random stuff. then his evil friend, bad friend bad, came into his room and wanted to go eat so he left. but, but he did ask me if he could call me again. how polite. and i said yes. and all the fluffy bunnies in the valley cheered.

and then im sitting at my boring part-time job talking to kt (not boring, lol) and i get a click on my phone. tis call waiting. i looked at the number and did not recognize it so i clicked over. and its garrett. and shamefully, i ditch kt. im sorry!!! so we end up talking for way over an hour. and the conversation is more comfortable, more natural, and thats cool. we talked about his childhood on the farm and how cool it is he has stuck his hands up a cow's vagina to birth a cow baby. seriously, i would love to be able to say ive stuck my hand up a cow vagina. thats seriously groovy yo. but i digress. and we just chatted about his job and my job and life and stuff. finally, sleepy soldier boy had to go (it was like after 1am!). he said he liked listening to me and wanted to talk more but he knew hed hate himself at 6am when he has to get up. then, then, he asked me, how polite, if it would be ok for him to "harass" me again. how cute! and of course i said yes. and the fluffy bunnies in the valley high-fived.

of course the fluffy bunnies in the valley are probably also placing bets on when this is gonna totally explode in huge flames. those fluffy bunnies can be evil sometimes.

but yes, my mood has lightened some because of a couple of phone calls. and that is lame. and the fluffy bunnies in the valley are wagging their paws at me in warning. but i have to say it is nice to be desired in one way or another. and its nice to know that i was being a total non-understanding bitch when i figured i should write him off when he went awol. yes, kt, he had legit reasons and i had little faith. but i guess its better to have lower expectations than to have high ones and never have them reached.

but yes, so far its been cool. i like talking to him and he apparently likes talking to me. one can hope that things continue to go well and we'll meet and itll be sparks and we'll hump like little fluffy bunnies in the valley. and maybe my dream of returning to the fatherland and spawning little aryan children will come true. ok, seriously joking about that. its the whole german thing. lol!

and the little fluffy bunnies in the valley crossed their fingers, uh, crossed their paws.


  • Bitch!

    The complete ditch? SO. NOT. COOL.

    I want you to sit in the corner and think about what you've done. It's not like I wouldn't have let you go.

    Okay. Apology accepted. Don't do it again.


    And on the faith thing? Girlie, you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold. Duh.

    By Blogger kT, at 11:04 AM  

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