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Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Kinsey" the movie

Okay, first of all, I'm sure North Dakota is a fine place...Despite the occasional bad press and harsh winters. I remember being in Illinois when they found a Georgia crematorium compound full of un-burned bodies. But people love to dwell on the negative.

Welcome Cathy. If North Dakota is the biggest problem you've got - you're gonna turn out boring! LOL, just kidding.

Susan- try to remember army boy is in the middle east. I'm not sure what his duties are, but he definitely has a valid excuse. Or, if his penis is the size of a boulder, perhaps he would tend to be a bit on the promiscuous side...Personally, if his penis is shaped like a boulder, I'm curious to see his "stones". Elephantitis, anyone?

Yet, in my casual observations, it seems as though many relationships are often comprised of one person being vastly more consumed with the other. Orson Scott Card had a great quote that I didn't write down (my favorite being "Isolation is the optimum environment for creativity") about relationships that basically went along the lines of worship is a very powerful sexual stimulant. Movie-star lust, sex-ceptions... Anyway, your stress about timing is probably in your noggin. All that said, the Gin Blossoms offered up great advice about dealing with other people - "If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down". In a very disjointed way, I'm trying to urge you to remain calm...but offer empathy to your stress. Typical friendly reaction I conveniently summed up in a sentence post-mental-masturbation (sigh).

Anyway, I just watched "Kinsey" the movie. Interesting. Men making out with each other is very trendy in Hollywood the past few years. But here's what it made me wonder.

Kinsey was fighting against social stigmas with regards to the sexual roles of men and women in society. He valued marriage, strangely, considering his relaxed viewpoints on sexual intercourse with many different partners (I will disclaimer this by saying that I have not read his books, only seen the movie which could certainly have been biased in many ways). But my point is beyond the movie. I think we can all admit that there are stereotypical roles for men and women to play in proper social unions in modern culture (Leave it to Beaver). Chastity, monogamy, abstinence.

But its the origin that confuses me.

How, in a "man's world" comprised of cultures that placed little emphasis on the value of women, did the concepts of the modern Christian marriage become so prevalent? Chivalry, monogamy. These are things that absolutely are not in the base nature of man.

Now, one could easily argue that its based upon the concept of possession. That man wants supreme dominance over the female, so he builds her a home and shackles her there. Okay, valid point, but why then wouldn't polygamy have become a socially acceptable practice - the norm even. Why dominate and cage one woman when you could have more than one. Testosterone is all about excess. Perhaps it was male competition? A man's jealousy over his daughter(s) not being the only woman in another man's life. That's a decent thought, but are we pack animals? Would a man choose his daughter's quality of life over his own and further the concept of monogamy based upon it? That isn't the view of man that I feel I have been given.

So are there merits to these traditions that were valid for their time? Yet, through minority reports of abuse, have seemingly lost validity or seem oppressive, even for their time?

I don't know, just wanted to throw that out since I have three women here to discuss it with. I'm going to walk away from it and not think anymore about it anymore because there are two NFL playoff games on today, and barbaric games of ground acquisition are far more important! LOL. I can already see several ways to improve what I wrote, but I'll leave it in rough draft form because I have 20 minutes to kick-off...


  • CAR 7, NYG 0, with Carolina threatening again. First the Bucs, now this. Why do I even bother watching?

    Anyway, to business. If you're starting a grass-roots campaign for polygamy, sign me up :) I recently renounced my flashy bachelor ways to be linked to a single woman romantically. Wherein I can't honestly say that I don't think about being with anyone else, I will say that arbitrary social construct or not, monogamy, just like anything else, has its benefits and its drawbacks.

    You do raise an interesting point, however--I never considered where the "Leave It To Beaver" mentality got it's start. It does seem to conflict with the base nature of man... perhaps evolution at work? The desire of man to better himself? I would be interested to know the answer to that question.

    By Anonymous An old friend of kt's, at 2:26 PM  

  • ok, "old friend," where you been hiding huh? i mean i know all about the new lady and the house and all but fer-sheezy! and why so cryptic? lol! boys...

    By Blogger Susan, at 2:52 PM  

  • Welcome to the TD, old friend.

    By Blogger kT, at 4:37 PM  

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