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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Thoughts

Happy Year of the Dog.

Happy Anniversary to the Passive-Aggressive Chocolate Cake.

Happy Birthday to my brother - tomorrow.

Happy me. There really is something wrong with my foot. I'm not imagining it. Happy I went to see my podiatrist. Happy that after just 36 hours of my foot being taped, it already feels better. First time since Dec. 7.

Happy Happy weather. This is the first January in the history of ever that the temperature in Bismarck has not gone below zero. I saw on the news on Friday night that in order for our weather to become average for the month, the temperature would have to drop to -140. Sure glad it isn't going to. 36 today. 43 tomorrow and 39 on Tuesday.

Happy bathing. I can't get my foot wet for a few days. But the lovely Kt brought me some good smelly bath stuff. So I can sorta soak in the tub with my back to the faucet and my foot hanging out. And smell purty.


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