Truly Disappointing

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Explanation on the Rack

After a nice long discussion of homosexuality, mostly inspired by my overly-excited attitude towards seeing Brokeback Mountain, in which I detailed how and why I find the idea of man-on-man action erotic to an uncomprehending Cathy, we agreed that, were we each to seek out lesbian encounters, Cathy and I would both want a woman slightly better endowed than we see ourselves as being. I have a small chest. I have no cleavage. If I'm going to be exploring someone else's version of this equipment, I'd like her to have a "nice" rack. And I don't mean "big." I mean well-rounded and curvy, not like me.

For the record, I'd be curious. Cathy is not. I think she'd want me to be utterly clear on that.


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