Truly Disappointing

Sunday, January 08, 2006


its funny, i was expecting kt to say that if i dont want to be that girl then i just needed to not be, period. somehow thats always easier said than done for me. i dunno, that particular mood has passed, the whole hope blows thing, though i kinda still believe that. i think im making progress though in that i can hit a low mood and not dwell in it very long like i used to. i made melancholy dwelling an art form years ago, thanks be to moz. though i have to say that the pernice brothers are another fabulous melancholy group. im listening to them now. such lyrics as "shaken like a shaken baby" and song titles such as "flaming wreck." mmmm yeah, sing it baby sing it. its atmospheric mope rock. flaming wreck is about a plane crashing with you on it. wow, that feels familiar. love it. hmmm, how bout changing the name of the blog to Shaken Baby? i kinda dig it yo...

man i gotta tell ya, this week has been rough. its not like work has been all that busy or serious or anything but its worn me down somehow. and now my shoulder has started to seriously ache. i have this weird history of muscle strains in that area between my shoulder blades. its very painful sometimes. nobody told me my body would break down so soon. i wonder if i have any muscle relaxers left over somewhere. i would sleep all day tomorrow but im going over to bearclaw's house (bearclaw=good chick cop friend from work). i havent really seen or spoken to her in forever. it sucks when you and a really good friend just have such disparate schedules that you dont see as much of each other as youd like. shes such an amazing person and mom and always has very realistic and down to earth advice. id like to hear her take on everything and on army boy who btw if you hadnt figured it out has been awol lately. never a good sign, but oh well. if nothing else ill have some yummy food and wont be alone for a while. always a good thing.

well anyways, i just keep yawning and my body is starting to shut down. sleep beckons. i love it when youre so tired you easily fall asleep and then you sleep really deeply. yum.


  • Shaken baby reminds me of the baby in the Ewan McGregor on smack movie. TRAINSPOTTING. Sorry. Was having brain fart there.

    Um, dude. Soldier guy? Is a SOLDIER. In a war zone. For him, communication is more difficult, I'd imagine. He's not an actor, off fucking his costars. He's at war. Different, I swear.

    By Blogger kT, at 4:00 PM  

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