Truly Disappointing

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cher Hair

i did call around about 3pm my time, i just didnt leave a message.

well, im about to go out on practically a blind date with army boy 3, daniel. i havent gotten a really good look at him because in his pics hes not very close up or hes got on army glasses etc. and we havent spoken on the phone and we havent spoken of much very deeply as far as i can remember. so i feel like i have no info on him whatsoever. which may be a good thing, who knows. so i guess it will be a surprise. hopefully if nothing else i will have a decent time and not feel all weird or skeeved out by him or whatever.

and then theres jenni. theres a slightly longish story there but i may or may not be meeting her later tonight as well. i can guarantee to all who read this now that if theres any lesbian action no matter how minor it will be detailed at great length here first.

so, i am away, possibly to the wolves. and im sporting 70s era cher hair (im not sure if thats bad or good). those who are about to die salute you.....


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