Truly Disappointing

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Tricky Day

You cant always get it when you really want it.
You cant always get it at all.

-The Who, Another Tricky Day

ok, yall can cash in on your bets now. yep, he didnt show. and he waited until 5pm to call and tell me. allegedly a buddy of his got a dui that morning and he had to go bail him out for $500. whatever. he shoulda called sooner yo cause as kt can attest to i was nervous for most of the afternoon. i talked to him later that night online and he apologized again. whatever. i have set my phasers to highly wary.

but the funny thing is that even though i was seriously pissed off last night im ok now. its a non-issue at this point. my weekend hasnt been destroyed because of it. things happen and people are pussies etc. he said he will make it up to me in february which he has off in its entirety. whatever. we shall see, but we shant be holding our breath.

boys gonna have to work it out yo, seriously. ill believe it when i see it. ill give people a chance and when they blow it then we go to the seeing is believing stage where there are no more chances for fucking up. i dont have the time for games. you either do or you dont, ya know? he hasnt earned the right to fuck up yet. but my anger was clearly conveyed and explained and understood. boy knows hes on thin already starting to loudly crack ice.

why cant things just go off without a hitch though? seriously dude, come on, havent i earned it just a little? but the more i continue breathing on this planet the more i realize that hitchless things dont really exist. theres always a price somewhere, somehow. i think maybe its just that im more aware of the hitches now than before, but that doesnt mean they didnt exist back then. i guess its just time to accept the hitches and move on. makes no real sense to continue tilting at windmills at my age, right? i guess i just gotta go all audrey hepburn on the hitch's ass and take it gracefully. now where'd i put those ballet slippers.....


  • Someone out there with a good digital design hand:

    Can we get a good logo of Audrey tilting at Don Quixote's windmills, please? This would be absolutely perfect for this site.

    Love the image.

    By Blogger kT, at 1:00 PM  

  • hmmm if you can get me a good pic of audrey say a good shot from breakfast at tiffanys and then a good windmill shot or don quixote shot i could totally do it....glue her head on don

    By Blogger Susan, at 2:44 PM  

  • I'll see what I can find. I've mastered image searching. Just don't ask about copyrights.

    By Blogger kT, at 5:11 PM  

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