Truly Disappointing

Monday, January 30, 2006

All The Lackluster Glory

ok, here you go, in all the lackluster glory.

army boy 3, loser. came to date wearing his best soccer jersey, which was a little too tight. smart guy, but a huge nerd. sorry, not much fun. will not be pursuing that one.

as for lesbian action, there was none. we went to a gay karaoke bar. we talked. however, i found myself more interested in the cute gay guys there. thats a problem. i think ive realized that i would prefer dating men. i think i had a niggling suspicion about that for a while, but at least i tried. that or shes just not the girl for me. seriously, this chick has been all up in my grill for days now. i dont wanna work that hard yo. shes been texting me incessantly since i got home from the date. stuff like 'i just wanted to tell you i was thinking about you' and 'i dont wanna scare you off but i really like you' and other such in your grill gems. leave me the fuck alone please!!!

i dont need somebody so fucking needy. ive realized that alone time is important to me especially when ive had a hard week and she just doesnt understand what that means. so i just finished writing her a dear jenni email. i basically told her i realized id prefer to be with men. when youre having hot dreams about boys the night after your lesbian date, thats a clue yo. and i coulda gotten some lesbian action because she was interested, but i was just too tired and not really interested enough. sorry, no steamy details. thems the breaks. but if i ever find a great guy i promise there will be enough details to go around.

as for garrett, yeah i think hes gone forever. oh well. i wish i knew what happened there, but alas i dont think an explaination is forthcoming. i really liked him and am having a hard time letting go, but im trying. the more time that passes the better it will be. im sure i narrowly missed a bad situation there so lucky me.

oh where have all the prospects gone??? oh well, i guess i could use a break anyways. ugh, life sucks. now its off to be tortured by my trainer, jeff, and later off to my part-time job. im working so much but wheres the money? i hate how that happens.....


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