Truly Disappointing

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Preface: I LOVE getting the mail. Usually, it's boring. But there's a never-ending element of surprise that brings out my inner 5-year-old-hyped-on-Christmas-cookies.

Tuesday I got a letter in the mail. Blank envelope with a return address here in town. It's a letter from one of the medical research groups. They are looking for participants for a menopausal hot flash study.

Yesterday, I open an another letter. It's an offer to join and benefit from membership in the AARP, for which I fully qualify. The AMERICAN. ASSOCIATION. for RETIRED. PERSONS.

Even funnier? I got an offer to join the AARP in 1995. When I was 17.

For the record? I'm 28.


  • I'm 31 as of not too long ago. I totally look forward to getting carded when I buy alcohol and tobacco. Have to shave the beard, though. It's already salt-and-pepper. Sad, but true.

    I hear the AARP gets good discounts, you may want to sign up...

    By Anonymous Pinky, at 2:32 PM  

  • WTH are you buying tobacco for? BAD Pinky.

    Yeah, I'm going to be 40 before I'm carded.

    By Blogger kT, at 4:27 PM  

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