Truly Disappointing

Sunday, January 29, 2006

69 and Susan's Virginity?

Well, if you're with a girl who isn't giving enough feedback, 69'ing can be a good way of getting some clues. The worse she does, the better you're doing. I'm not sure if every guy thinks this way or has used it in this fashion.

Interested to know if Susan has lost her lesbian virginity or not...
Or maybe that army guy has taken her hostage?
I'd prefer lesbian action, it would make a better post. Pictures would be fabulous, but certainly not required.

The Medicare stuff is just a complete example of how uninvolved I am with society. Were I more involved, I would not have been so completely overwhelmed by how stupid it is. But essentially, you pay a monthly fee to an insurance company to get drugs at a lower cost, but to get you towards the gap, they tell you that they were charged what you would have paid without insurance, which would indicate they were operating at a loss. I dunno, maybe its something they learned from Enron...


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