Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Okay, see I took the exact opposite tact for the new year. I spent the last few weeks of December reviewing last year and the path that placed me where I am. Last year? Truly disappointing. But there were upsides. I bought a house, for one.

So I reviewed. I planned (yup, that's me!) and I tried to figure out the elements that make up the serenity prayer of my life:

The things I can control? Think finances, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress.

Things I can't control? Other people, although I can choose the people I associate with outside of my professional environment.

Wisdom to know the difference? Well, that's the goal for the year.

So far this year, I've completed a theoretical budget (which was blown the instant I got the heating bill for last month. Holy fucking shit.). I've cooked two meals for myself. I made my lunch for today and made breakfast for the week. I control the food aspect of my life. I've slept 32 hours in three days. I finally boxed the last of the need-to-be mailed Christmas presents and will seek to mail them today.

Tacked to my office wall is this deep and insightful moment from one of our Employee Assistance Program handouts. Normally, they suck, but this one? Is worth repeating:

One of the biggest problems we have with our expectations of others is not telling them what we want or need. We assume they will somehow know what we expect from them. This is particularly common in close relationships where love is supposed to "conquer all." But, no matter how much you are loved, if you haven't told someone what your needs and feelings are, you are likely to be disappointed.

For people who don't love you? Eh, forget about it.


  • dude we so gotta come up with our own new 12 step program...we could seriously sell it self-help style or start our own cult. whaddaya think yo?

    By Blogger Susan, at 11:16 PM  

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